Thursday, September 19, 2013


round button chicken
Finding contentment in the everyday


Yes, I know it's just a bag. But I LOVE it and I am so happy to have a fully dedicated Co-op bag and it has really simplified my co-op mornings to be prepared and relaxed.  


Our Co-op hosted an encouragement breakfast with Kerry Beck from the blog How to Homeschool my Child (#1 Homeschool blog in 2012) she is a local homeschool Mom in our area. We had a wonderful breakfast and got to glean lots of Titus 2 wisdom from Kerry. It was a wonderful morning with a group of sweet homeschool Mamas!


Why anyone would give this adorable little boy a bat is beyond me! He did do a good job hitting the ball instead of his sister.


Still cleaning out the house and taking things to storage but I think we are only about 2 weeks away from listing it and hopefully simplifying. We still need to plant some grass, paint all around the house. I am still dreading the super cleaning of the kitchen.

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round button chicken

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