Wednesday, October 9, 2013

{Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real}

~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~

I love this link up because each week I enjoy my children even more as I seek to find what is Pretty,Happy,Funny & Real in my life weekly.  


Last year our Dear Mrs. Bethany got married and decided to stop teaching piano. So we had to find a new piano teacher. I originally thought we were going to again be able to use a family friend but that didn't work out. So, I recontacted a teacher I had enjoyed a pleasant conversation with over the summer, while seeking a new teacher. We were very excited that Mrs. Suzan agreed to accept us as students even though her lessons started at the end of August. Mrs. Suzan is very organized and methodical teacher (like Mrs. Bethany) and she has several reward programs set up to encourage achievement. So my girls are again back to piano practice with Mrs. Suzan  making a beautiful noise.



Speaking of a beautiful noise our homeschool choir started an orchestra this year and we were able to borrow a clarinet for Bullet. Now while she is not making a beautiful noise yet we are truly thrilled that she has the opportunity to learn to play clarinet. The gal sitting next to her has 3 years of experience on the clarinet and she was so sweet to help bullet with everything from assembly to playing notes.Bullet was able to make the right "noise"!



This handsome little fellow is the funniest guy in our house and he keeps us on our toes. Plus, he is so cute I  look for any excuse to put him in posts. 



Our ink board keeps us organized, it's used for school, life and everything in-between. I usually use it to keep lists for kids as well as activity lists. The kids think it's mostly fro them but it's really mostly for help keep this Mama on track! ;)


I hope you have enjoyed your family this week and I'd love to know your kiddos favorite antics this week, since mine have managed to stay out the mascara! 


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  1. How great that your little girl has taken up the clarinet! I played it as a child and found it to be challenging but enjoyable. Later I gave it up to go the choir route (at our school we couldn't do both), but I'm glad I had the experience. And by the way -- what beautiful children you have!

    1. We parents are very excited about this new opportunity. She is already a good piano piano player. She, however, is like a swinging door with the clarinet one day she loves it the next not so much. We figure we'll see how she does and what she wants to do with the instrument in the long run. I hope she is also glad for the experience in the end. I know I regret not continuing with piano lessons as a child.


Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

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