Thursday, October 17, 2013


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Our dear 8 year old daughter Sweetie I cannot believe how quickly she is growing up and how pretty inside and out that  she has become. 


Bullet currently wants to be a veterinarian and she contiues to express an interest in veterinary medicince and things related to animals. But she has been very clear she does not want to work with, large animals, water animals or zoo animals. However she was very happy to sit back to back with the Chimpanzee at the Houston Zoo. 


Our kiddos love monkeys and this little joker was made to order. He was absolutely hilarious. He ran up and down, jumped from rope to rope and continued to look at us after each trick. He was so funny we went back to see him before we left. Unfortunately he moved so much I never got a really good picture of him but he sure is cute.


Our kids found some kittens last year, and we didn't get the girl cat fixed promptly. I thought cats couldn't get pregnant for a year, I was wrong. So she ended up having 3 kittens, unfortunately 1 was still born. So we have had 2 kittens to entertain us for weeks, then our kids found a small kitten after we finished clearing some land. Fearing the kittens family was killed our kids brought the kitten to Mama kitten and she promptly added her to her fold. However, 6 cats was too many cats for me. We were going through more then 48 lbs of cat food a month. So I listed our kitties on Craigslist & the Homeschool Loop. Soon all three of our sweet kittens found a new home with another local homeschool family. 6 cats was simply too many little mouths for us to fill. There was a lot of crying but we are very happy that they have found a new home. And new names for the little gentlemen, they are now Mr. Willobough, Mr. Darcy (my favorite) & Mr. Billingsly.


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