Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Pretty, Happy, Funny, Real

 ~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~  

Why do they have to grow up so stinkin' fast? Our little man is already learning to cook, he made some wonderful egg rolls...
Here he is diligently working on his school work (okay, he's watching a leap frog video but he's 3 and this is his school work :D) .


 We have a tie for {Happy}...first we have Sugarpie whose U-8 soccer team went undefeated.We ended the season with a super fun team pizza party. Next we have Shoo-Shoo who was all grins as she worked on the insect match game during the twins station time. So cute!

Sometimes I wonder about the life of my phone when I am not around ,and sometimes, I find out what my 'phone' is up to when it is left alone..... This is why my phone is password protected. Hello Sugar pie!

I am really working on getting this house organized if it kills them.  So every payday I head over to the dollar tree and buy about $10 worth of containers and bring them home and put them to use. It's working, slowly but surely we are reestablishing order in this aspired jungle. 

I hope you enjoyed your week with your precious families.

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  1. Your little adorable! Good luck with the organizing! I feel like I'm always organizing but never quite reach the organized state.

    1. Thank you, we think so too! It's just he and his twin sis are growing up much to quickly! Well, after the twins I really let things go so I'm really playing catch up. I've learned a lot from YouTube organizers,especially, Alejandra.

  2. We are struggling to get organized too.
    Blessings, Dawn

    1. It's a slow process and it can be rather expensive. I am grateful that it has been going so well and that I feel less stressed and have gained more time. I hope your organizational efforts are going well too!


Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

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