Friday, November 1, 2013

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~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~  


Ahh... to be 3 again


We are very happy members of an Academic Encouragement Homeschool Fellowship. In our co-op we study 4 subjects Art, History, Science & Fellowship. We use the videos that go along with the Feed our Sheep Workbook, we do the projects in Mystery of History Volume 2, and do the science experiments in AIG God's Design for Science. Finally, we fellowship together enjoying an hour and half lunch and free time where are children are becoming fast friends.And we Mama's have an opportunity to visit and enjoy one another's company.


Here is a selfie of my husband and I after we scheduled our ophthalmology appointments together so we could enjoy a little bit of time together and alone. I know these glasses are too hip, and y'all are now incredibly jealous of our obvious coolness! 

  ~ Capturing the context of contentment in everyday life ~  


When one homeschools it is only natural to have 3 worm habitats on your bookcase to welcome visitors and potential home buyers to your humble abode. These exciting little habitats will be moving to their new homes with folks from our co-op in two weeks.

3 worm houses
Finally, I have been busily organizing our home as we get it ready to move. I pulled down some boxes from the attic that were full of years of financial documents. So I have been diligently organizing my life (with the help of Alejandra's videos) and really reaping the benefits from it.
The very embarassing top of our file cabinet.
May God Bless you as you seek and enjoy contentment in the wonder of the everyday!


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