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I thought I would share  the cover on my facebook right now,  the view was glorious! 

For part of this week we went on a little miniature vacation to our friends lake house. However, since it's Fall we thought it would be fun to explore the surrounding area. We visited the Confederate Reunion Grounds and Fort Parker State Park. These were both very interesting sites, however, I would suggest planning to visit both sites on the same day if you are going to make a special trip to see them. Fort State Parker is very small.  The woman who works at the Confederate Reunion Grounds is very well versed on the site and it is more then worth it to go into the gift/resource center and pick her brain! 

Confederate Reunion


This is the preschool group from our co-op. This week the preschoolers got to dip their hands into pumpkins for exploration time during co-op. I was surprised at how many of them didn't want to get their hands dirty. My two however were all about digging out the goup and getting the seeds! They enjoyed learning about pumpkins and 'most' of them enjoyed the baked pumpkins seeds. But I do need to brag on these tiny tots for a moment all of the children from the five families tried at least one pumpkin seed!

We took our Christmas pictures at the lake and I took a few individual pictures of the children and this is just such a sweet picture of Shooshoo,  that it makes me smile.


A whole room full of kids dressed as astronauts in winter clothes during a hot Texas fall. Seriously, I think it was like 85 or 90 degrees outside. My kiddos are even wear parts of my husband's bee suits to complete  their intergalactic look. The kiddos also all agreed that it must be very difficult for astronauts to work in their space suits.


Our real life organization...I have to say that since this blog is weeks behind our actual life that we have really made some very real strides in organization since these photos were taken. In fact, yesterdays bill payments & filing only took a few minutes to complete and I was able to quickly call the 1 person that needed a follow up. A miracle has occurred, I do not have lots of stress in regards to wondering what is in the pile of bills & misc. papers that I am missing. In fact there is no pile! This has been accomplished through utilizing a bill organization system and a filing system from a VERY organized woman on YouTube. Getting more organized has given me a lot of mental peace in my heart!

Remember we serve a God of order not of chaos!

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