Monday, November 11, 2013

THM Frugal Tostadas ( S)

Although, we have a tight budget we want to follow the precepts found in Trim Healthy Mama. Although some things are pretty expensive many of the items in THM foods can be purchased inexpensively or easily made for the budget conscious. Since we are definitely budgeting I am always looking for  or creating frugal tasty recipes for our whole family to enjoy..  Who wants to constantly make two separate meals, not me! So I've included how to adjust this for your family at the bottom. 

Chicken Tostada on a cheese crisp

2 1/2  cup of cheese 
2 cup diced meat (prefer chicken)
whole wheat tortillas (for the family)
1-2 tomatoes

(optional toppings)
taco sauce/salsa 
Sour Cream 

To make the cheese crisp
  1. Take 1/4 cup of the cheese and make a round shape on a greased cookie sheet, do it again with the other 1/2  of the cheese (This recipe allows for 4 crisps)
  2. Bake at 350 degrees until the edges brown and the cheese looks hard which is apx. 6-10 minutes
  3. Remove from the cookie sheet 

THM Tostada Preparation

  1. Place chicken (or meat of choice) onto the cheese crisp tortilla/Whole Wheat Tortilla
  2. top with cheese, chicken unlimited lettuce & some tomatoes
  3. add any optional toppings now
We serve these tostadas with non-starchy vegetables & Mexican rice (for the children). 

***Note due to a discussion on THM Facebook group this recipe was modified to eliminate the beans. With the beans this is a cross over which is good for maintenance not loss.

Trim Health Mama Weekly Menu

Reader Notes: 

  • bold itialicized not eaten by THMers
  • Italicized are my menu modifications
  • Assume all the breads for my high metabolism children are whole wheat
  • I am working to make a 60 day totally friendly THM Meal plan for our family. But for now we make lots of modifications to the foods we are used to eating.

Sunday- Le Madeline Tomato Soup w/ grilled cheese sandwiches 

Monday: Boston's (Grown ups) Children get whatever our dear friends feed them

Tuesday - Beans, Rice & Cornbread

Wednesday- King Ranch Chicken, peas & homemade butter rolls  

Thursday- (S w/o fries or an e with them)Sloppy Joe's, brocolli, sweet potato french fries (in Joseph's pita's for THMers) - Hubby will eat the sweet potato french fries I will not because I am still trying to lose weight. Thus this is an (s for me)

Friday- Amazing Calzones & Salad - I'll make this and cook it in a Joseph's pita (S)

Saturday - Tostadas (see above) with non broccoli

Please let me know what you do to make your food frugal and THM friendly!


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  1. Oh, I LOVE this idea! I had thought about bending the cheese crisp and making a taco shell to.

    My favorite way to make THM frugal is to just tweak my regular recipes like you're doing here.

    Thanks for linking up on Trim Healthy Tuesday!

    1. Yep, because I cannot afford to adjust our life and some of my people need high callories or they will disappear. #1,3,5 all have super high metabolisms and they currently try to eat me out of house and home!


Thank you so much for your encouraging words!

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